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 ====== Accessing Bridgeport controller computer ====== ====== Accessing Bridgeport controller computer ======
 +Add your nc files for cutting to ~/​Desktop/​cnc-files/<​your-username>​. You can do it via SMB share:
 +    smb://​ → cnc-files
     ssh bridgeport@bridgeport.local     ssh bridgeport@bridgeport.local
 +    ssh # (same thing)
 +You must manually copy your ssh public key to Bridgeport'​s `/​home/​bridgeport/​.ssh/​authorized_keys`.
-You must manually copy your ssh public key to Bridgeport'​s ​`/home/​bridgeport/​.ssh/authorized_keys`+Bridgeport'​s ​LinuxCNC configuration is kept on https://​​radex/​bridgeport/​ . If you update ​/home/​bridgeport/​linuxcnc,​ be sure to commit and push your changes. Ask radex for access if needed.
 ====== RS232 link (legacy Heidehein 131 controller) ====== ====== RS232 link (legacy Heidehein 131 controller) ======
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