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Intel AX200 horribleness

Seems like multiple people are having issues with Intel AX200 cards on Linux. There's plenty of stuff about it on the Internet, but there doesn't seem to be any well documented overarching resource about the problem.

AX201 cards are different! For now, don't include AX201 reports here. If we believe there's enough similarities regarldess of how vastly different these cards are, we'll extend reports to them, too.


We classify the following symptoms:

Name Observations
stall5g 5GHz networks work for a while, but suddenly stall - no more packets can be sent/received until reconnect/powercycle.
bork5g generic 5g breakage (connection drops, deassociations, other) which doesn't match the above specific categories
ok Everything works fine.

Data Points

Please suffix unknowns with 'ish', and try to complete them with reliable data ASAP.

Who Kernel version Firmware version AP/Infra Symptoms
q3k 5.11ish on NixOS hAP ac stall5g
q3k 5.10.81 on NixOS hAP ac ok
q3k 5.15ish on Ubuntuish hAP ac stall5g
ar 5.15.3 on NixOS hAP ac ok
ar 5.15.3 on NixOS uap-ac-pro ok
implr 5.14.15-gentoo hAP ac lite ok
implr 5.14.15-gentoo generic cheap dlink ok
implr 5.14.15-gentoo WDR3600/openwrt 21.02.1 bork5g
implr 5.14.15-gentoo Orange Funbox2 ok


Machines known to have an AX200 adapter.

Machine type
Thinkpad T14 AMD
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