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Come on and DSLAM!

Two Siemens Surpass DSLAMs, one ADSL one VDSL.

mciancia, implr and q3k are looking at this.


Lab ADSL DSLAM (HiX 5620 A50) can be reached by telnet 2137 from boston-packets or the space LAN.


Documentation and firmware (search engine proof):



We have a companion FXS rack device, Audio Codes MP-124D/FXS/AC. It's currently at q3k's place.


  • Main MCU: PowerQUICC MPC860PZQ80D4
  • Line interface: 12x PEB3264 and PEB4266
  • Custom ASICs (codecs?): 6x AC482-C (three more footprints unpopulated)

PSU Recap

The output smoothing caps on the PSU (APSI-605AC Rev.C) are bad. Here's the values jotted down so that q3k can order some new ones:

Refdes Capacitance Voltage Diameter Height Lead spacing Replacement
C9, C10, C14 470uF 63V 16mm 20mm 7.5mm EEU-FS1K471S
C15, C17, 220uF 100V 16mm 25mm 7.5mm UHE2A221MHD6TN
C19, C20, C22 1200uF 10V 10mm 20mm 5mm EEU-FS1E122B

C19 is bulged. C10 is burst. The rest look fine (after desoldering, no, the bottom plugs are also slightly pushed out on some of the others - good call to replace them regardless), but should be replaced regardless.

There's also a primary side 100uF/400V cap (C13) that has been measured to be ~97uF, which is good enough so is left alone for now.

JTAG Pinout

Refdes J8 'JTAG'.

Function Pin Pin Function
Diode 1 2 Diode
Diode 3 4 GND
3v3? 5 6 GND
Hi-Z 7 8 GND
Hi-Z 9 10 GND
Diode 11 12 GND
Hi-Z 13 14 Hi-Z
Hi-Z 15 16 Diode
Hi-Z 17 18 Hi-Z
Hi-Z 19 20 Hi-Z

Diode means a diode was detected (0.3V-1.6V) from that pin to ground. Hi-z means there didn't seem to be a diode between that pin to ground. This looks like a custom JTAG connector, q3k will attempt to discover the pinout once the PSU is fixed.

There's also a BDM connector on board.

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