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This was an old project to set up Eucalyptus. It got done. The main result was some configuration knowledge and that it's easier to set up than openstack. See below.

Playing around with cloud stuff

  • Create a single host eucalyptus cloud
  • configure everything with ansible
  • test lib cloud with euca and open stack
  • Compare with open stack
  • open shift

Eucalyptus; what why where


  • to hack on Eucalyptus
  • since it's closest public thing to Amazon available - good for interesting tests
  • 'cos generally has been more together and better for testing than openstack (though may be changing)

What's needed

  • server with at least:
    • 4GB; preferably 16GB memory
    • min 20G disk / preferably 100G
  • good to have a second server as network control server and so on
  • a “vlan clean” network - e.g.
    • a dedicated switch
    • 1024 VLAN range
  • private address space - transparent to the network but better if it isn't used elsewhere
  • public address space - e.g. 32 addresses - can be faked

euca_cloud_0 blades 4
eucs_cloud_1 blades,5,6
vlans 3000-3999
private0 172.16.0/24  
private1 172.20.0/24
eth0 - tagged internal interface
eth1 - internet external  



hostname: address: role: stand alone for cloud 0


* I made some configuration files in Ansible which I will try to link here but are probably now obsolete. * Got the cloud up and running.

At the time nobody managed to get an openstack cloud up to compare with which I guess shows that Eucalyptus was easier to set up at the time or maybe I just had more time for it.


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