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Wall mounted slewing jib crane

The proposal is to build a slewing wall-mounted jib crane on a column near the Bridgeport milling machine.  Monting place
Crane will be used for lifting parts, accessories and material on and off milling machine and the metal lathe.

  • Jib length - 3m (to reach the lathe. Can't be much longer than that to be able to clear the opposite wall)
  • Lifting capacity - 50 kg near the tip, 150 kg at the column (main uses near the tip would be lathe chucks, crosslide attachements and the lathe tailstock; near the column - milling vise, dividing head and the rotary table)
  • Ability to slew around the column to cover 180° of area



The crane consists of:

  • top and bottom mounting plates which attach the crane to the brick column and provide bearing housing
  • main crane body which consists of a metal column, a jib attached to it and a supporting brace
  • trolley which rides along the jib
  • electric winch which attaches to the trolley and does the lifting

Sketch (disregard the dimensions)

Materials aquired:

  • I-beam(dwuteownik) (Height=100mm Lenght=3m) - for the jib
  • Pipe (D=108mm Length=3m) - for the column
  • Flat bar (płaskownik) 50x5mm Lenght=6m - for the brace
  • Plate (Thickness=10mm) - for mounting plates
  • Bottom bearings - (32008 AX KLF-ZVL 40x68x19)
  • Top bearings - from the ventilation unit
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