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The Robot!


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Issues so far

  1. KRC1 does not bood Dead RAM, fixed using “KIEŁBASA KRAKOWSKA” assorted RAM container.
  2. KCP (controller/pendant) displays no image CCFL (or CCFL driver) was dead. Replaced by long COB LED.
  3. KCP display artifacts. Most likely zebra strip issue.
  4. Dead batteries

Admin User Group

  1. Arbeitsplatz\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KUKA Roboter GmbH\KUKA BOF\OCX Control's\UserMode\PassWord
  2. KeyFile20 → E:\KeyFiles\key_2.txt (Change to D:\KeyFiles\key_2.txt…)
  3. PassWord20 → 76 8D 59 37 6D DE C9 0B E6 EC 5A B2
  4. Create file D:\KeyFiles\key_2.txt containing: glenmorangie

Ctrl-ESC opens Windows menu when working as Admin.

Pressing Shift when booting Win95 disables autostart, which gives access to Windows GUI when no KeyFile is present. (yet)


Szerokość LCD: 132.5mm; Długość CCFL: 147mm

KVGA (karta graficzna) by default wypuszcza tylko obraz na pendant, (



Remote control

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