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Technical specifications


  • Swing dia. (over bed/over cross slide): 200mm/115mm
  • Distance between centers: 400mm
  • Ways: double 35/50deg prism, 790mm length
  • Spindle speed: 0-2000rpm
  • Spindle bearings: 2x FAG 32007x
  • Spindle bore: 20mm
  • Spindle taper: MT3
  • Spindle nose: proprietary
  • Spindle motor: ASEA MT71B F85-4 0.37kW 3ph
  • Spindle VFD: Toshiba VF-nC3 0.4kW 1ph
  • Tailstock taper: MT2
  • X ballscrew: 8mm dia. 2.5mm pitch
  • X axis belt:
  • X axis pulley teeth ratio: 12:15
  • Z ballscrew: 16mm dia. 5mm pitch
  • Z axis belt: 100XL037 0.200“ pitch, 50 teeth, 3/8” width
  • Z axis pulley teeth ratio: 12:30
  • Axis motors: 2x MAE HY-200 3424-310 A8, 3/8“ shaft dia



Manuals and Datasheets

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