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Saeco "Nani?!?!" Nina

Espresso machine found in the trash.

It's a typical cheapo espresso machine, but seems to actually use a 58mm portafilter. Unfortunately, it doesn't even have a three-way valve so it's never going to be great.

Spearheaded by noisersup and q3k. Looking for more coffee nerds to help and hack/maintain/fix the machine.


Unknown. TODO:

  1. Check if pump runs and boiler runs.
  2. Check pressure at portafilter, adjust OPV to 9 bar.
  3. Check temperature at portafilter.
  4. Clean the fuck out of it.

If it's good enough, we should buy:

  1. A real unpressurized portafilter with a high quality basket.
  2. Probably a new shower screen.
  3. Cleaning supplies: Urnex Cafiza (and might as well get Urnex Grindz for the grinder), blind portafilter basket

Possible Improvements

  1. PID temperature control
  2. Pump control
  3. Gaggiuino?
  4. Replacement steam wand?
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