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Sandblaster / piaskarka

Sandblaster station consists of two modules: pressure pot and sandblasting cabinet.

Pressure pot (piaskarka syfonowa)

Pressure pot consists of a blasting media storage (pressurized tank) and sandblasing nozzle/gun. To work it needs an air supply (air compressor). It has wheels and can be used on it's own to sandblast large pieces that don't fit into the sandblasting cabinet (cars/bikes/milling machines etc).  Example of a pressure pot  Daigram Elements of a pressure pot:

  • Male air quick connector (szybkozłączka)
  • Water separator (odwadniacz)
  • Pressure regulator (reduktor ciśnienia)
  • 3 x Valves - supply, choke & media (zawór kulowy)
  • 2 x T-connector (trójnik)
  • 2 x Air hose barb connector (złączka choinka)
  • Air hose (wąż)
  • Media valve (zawór ścierniwa)
  • Sandblasting hose coupling (złącze kłowe)
  • Sandblasting hose (wąż do piaskowania)
  • Sandblasting gun (pistolet do piaskarki syfonowej)
  • Pressure relief valve (zawór bezpieczeństwa)
  • Pressure tank (zbiornik ciśnieniowy)


Sandcarving Pressure Pot-101

Sandblasting cabinet

Sandblasting cabinet consists of a sealed cabinet with the inlet/attachement for the sandblasting hose / gun from the pressure pot, a funnel at the bottom where the used blasting media collects, lighting fixture and ventilation/air filter fixture. One of the cabinet's sides has a window and holes with rubber gloves attached to operate inside the cabinet.  Example of a sandblasting cabinet

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