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Hacked Transcend WiFi SD
Status active
Founder elia
Source informatic/cameraget


Hacked Transcend WiFi SD Card is used to publish photos taken on our local DSLR to a HTTP-accessible gallery (based on sigal project).

Photos are downloaded from the camera with a simple systemd timer unit


  1. Unpack the card, insert it into the bundled reader, plug into a computer
  2. Mount the card's filesystem
  3. Unpack transcend.tar.bz2, move contents of the transcend/ directory into the card's root directory
  4. Sync and unmount the filesystem
  5. Connect to the WIFISD wireless network (default password “12345678”)
  6. Open and log in as admin:admin
  7. Navigate to “Settings”, switch default mode to “Internet”, enter the HS WiFi network's SSID and password, turn off power saving, adjust other settings if needed, confirm new settings
  8. Unplug the card, insert into camera
  9. ???
  10. PROFIT
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