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Zsun Card Reader Firmware Update Format

2016/02/19 Note: This method has been tested multiple times on our devices and worked without problem, however at least three unexpected bricks have been reported! (sounding like failed rootfs flash)


  1. Insert FAT32-formatted microSD card (128MB is more than enough)
  2. Connect to WiFi
  3. Create .update directory on Zsun SMB/Windows Share (on Windows call it .update., don't ask why - it'll work) and copy SD100-openwrt.tar.gz ( there
  4. Wait for long LED flash, then multiple fast flashes - now OpenWRT is booting for the first time.
  5. … PROFIT!

Automatic flasher and builder:

Technical description

Many interesting features are available on which is served by /var/webs/webs binary, for instance (connects card reader to AR9331 SoC) or

/goform/upFirmWare reads update tarball from .update/ directory on microSD card. (/etc/disk/.update) Sadly that directory is removed on mount by /sbin/lbd_mount, thus it has to be uploaded using SMB/Windows Network Shares. /goform/upFirmWare handler is at .text:0x00405E04 address in /var/webs/webs binary. It does multiple checks and then executes /etc/ath/ which handles all the actual update. After that device is rebooted.

Furthermore S update action executes ./mtd_write after entering /etc/disk/.update thus we have to bundle that with update package too. After flashing rootfs /sbin/reboot will fail. This is why we have minimal statically linked reboot executable. (minreboot)

What we are basically doing is hijacking ./mtd_write execution and doing our own calls to ./mtd_write.actual (yes, actual mtd_write binary), and then just running /tmp/minreboot (copied there at the beginning of update script, since /tmp stays in ramfs)

Expected update file format is:

SD100-whatevername.tar.gz    # SD100 has to match /etc/producttype
├── md5                      # md5sum of following tarball
└── intermediate-v1.1.tar.gz # v1.1 has to be greater than value in /etc/ver (1.0 in stock)
    ├── config
    ├── updated_file
    └── another_updated_file

config file format read by is as follows:


  $work == U - mkdir -p $path ; cp -f $filename $path
  $work == D - rm -rf $path/$filename
  $work == S - /mtd_write $filename $path
Lines starting with # are ignored.

  testfile:U:/etc          # Copies testfile to /etc
  openwrt.bin:S:/dev/mtd3  # Flashes partition

upFirmWare response status codes:

Status Description
-2 Update file not found or /etc/producttype mismatch
-3 MD5 mismatch
1 Invalid version (/etc/ver, try to add 1)
2 Update successful (also returned if failed!)
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