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Project: Refrigerator esp8266 Repair

The Story: I have a 10yr.old fridge at home which after removing it from the kitchen furniture slot for mould cleaning went berserk and started freezing everything - not only in the freezer part but also in the fridge part which resulted in tomatoes that you could drive a nail with. Though that's pretty cool, they're harder to eat and I didn't want to warm The Planet any more as I like it under 22*C outside.

So I localized the thermostat, it is an analogue unit with a 1,20m long capillary tube which is led from the thermostat compartment by some kind of a plastic/rubber tube that there's no access to except it's one end. The one I took out was eaten by rust so I gave it a proper burial ceremony and proceeded to order a replacement. After installing the new one (I had to push the 1,20m of the capillary down that tube lubricating it with some detergent as suggested in forums) I've happily put my new food in and went to sleep.

To my surprise I had a new set of tomato hammers soon only it took longer than the previous time. After some thought, reading, inspecting and calling phones I realized that most probably the tip of the capillary has not reached it's destination as most probably the tube for leading the capillary is broken or has been displaced.

I decided that I am not gonna buy a new fridge no matter what I want to fix this one. So my friend at HS suggested to make my own thermostat with an MCU. I also decided, that I don't want to lead any extra cables across the seals, nor drill in the fridge (as it would result in leaks) or, Gods of Thunder and lambdas forbid, disassemble the fridge as for one it would take ages and secondly there would be little chance to reasemle it back working, sealed and with proper insulation coeficient.


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