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VMs are coming any day now ~q3k, A.D. 2018

Our new internal highly-available Infrastructure/Platform-as-a-Service.

This runs in out datacenter (dcr01 on netbox). This is different from our ISP services or internal machines.


Currently hscloud is made up of a Kubernetes cluster named It runs on the following machines: bc01n01, bc01n02, bc01n03, dcr01s22, dcr01s24. In total we have 328GB of RAM and 144 x86 cores. We also have a half PB of storage on old SAS drives (most of it currently cold), accessible via Ceph (radosgw or Kubernets PersistentVolumes).


We are moving services from our old machines into Kubernetes. Amongst other, currently running on the cluster is:

With more to come.

You are also free to host your own personal stuff there within reason. See below for access.


Getting Access and Usage

Self-documenting in hackdoc (hscloud documentation stored within hscloud):

Deploy docker image to hscloud

TBD, WIP: You need to describe a deployment of your docker image in the same way as it's done for .

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