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Warsaw Hackerspace Infrastructure

All the weird and wonderful stuff that the Warsaw Hackerspace provides.

Most long-term projects would usually graduate to become services somewhere in this namespace.

IT & Network & Sysadmin

What you can do:

  • Services - Cool stuff you can do with a hackerspace membership
  • Single Sign-On - Your account

How it's made:

Rooms and room features


  • tokarka - Mondiale Celtic 14 lathe (works)
  • asdcnc - CNC mill (works)
  • prime3d - FFM 3d printer (dead)
  • lasercutter - K40 laser plotter (works)
  • vending - Mate Distribution Device
  • tig - TIG (GTAW) welding setup
  • cuttingplotter - Cutting plotter :3
  • cormakbandsaw - Cormak Metal Bandsaw
  • powertools - List of all other insignificant tools that we own / have. If something doesn't have dedicated page, it might be here


All subpages in /infra

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