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Craptrap - the home of virtualized workstations


  • FX8350
  • R9 290


  • Debian
  • Qemu (libvirt KVM)


  • Win10 ⇒ (
    • Włączanie/wyłączanie na (via S3 - suspend to ram)
    • Podłączenie zdalne przez RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop). Host:, user/password: jak na LDAP
    • Podłączenie bezpośrednie: FYI jest podłączona na stałe klawiatura i mysz bezprzewodowa, przynieś baterie AA
    • Logowanie hasłem z LDAPa (pGina + config, staff ma Administratora + patch na drive mapper żeby logowało się kerberosem…)
    • RDP enabled
    • GPU pass-through do karty graficznej
    • USB pass-through ⇒ klawiatura + myszka wireless Logitech

Issues & Solutions

Windows 10

GPU code 43

Reinstall uninstall and reinstall GPU drivers

VM S3 (suspend/sleep) not available

Install qxldod drivers.

Slow suspend

Disable hibernation: powercfg /h off

My IO is too slow

''virsh dompm{suspend,wakeup}'' does not...

Install qemu agent and vioserial driver in guest

VM crashes when idle for some time

Well, disable screen blanking and autosuspend…

Audio on PulseAudio

<domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu=''>
   <qemu:env name='QEMU_AUDIO_DRV' value='pa'/>
   <qemu:env name='QEMU_PA_SERVER' value=''/>

Audio stutters

Change Default Format from 16bit 48kHz to 16bit 44.1kHz in emulated sound card properties in guest.

Shitty IO performance vol. 2

Everything's shit

Enable “HIGH PERFRORMANCE” power profile.

GPU crashes after host resume

Seems like keeping QXL enabled on VMs with Radeon GPU passed through fixes GPU crashes on host suspend. (VM needs to be suspended first as well)

QXL/Spice display does not automatically resize to client window



Hypervisor configuration

  • Network: choose bridged. Bridge name: br0.

Hypervisor bug

There's a problem with the Opteron_G5 hypervisor, which is set by default.

The solution is to replace Opteron_G5 with kvm64 or Opteron_G3.

Also, there is an open bug report for this issue on FreeBSD Bugzilla .

Fixed in 12.0.

Linux Guests with PCIe Passthrough

MacOS + wieloryb:/storage/common/S*/O*/*.README

Works perfectly fine, including GPU passthrough.

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