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Fiber splicing

  1. Cut the fiber
  2. Cut and remove outer jacket (at least 10-15 cm)
  3. Cut and remove aramid/kevlar yarn
  4. For each fiberoptic line:
    1. put on heatshrink tubing on one end
    2. remove (colored) buffer - smallest hole on the stripper tool, take off in ~1cm chunks - ensure waxy material between cladding and buffer layer is removed as well
    3. cleanup using kimwipes and IPA - fiber should be squeaky clean :3
    4. put fiber in the cleaver - buffer should end up on 10mm mark
    5. close the cover, push the button, get rid of cut fiber piece…
    6. align cleaved fiber in the slicer - tip of the fiber should be aligned with inner edge of a blue plastic guide - remember to fully close the fiber clip
  5. Do the above for other fiber line to splice
  6. Press green button
  7. Pray
  8. After successful splice open the cover, wait for pull test, after a couple of seconds unclip both ends of the fiber
  9. Pull on heatshrink over the exposed fiber part
  10. Open the heater in upper half of the splicer, close it down
  11. Wait for heater to shrink the tubing
  12. After it finishes, take it out, ensure the heatshrink is properly sealed - otherwise repeat the heating cycle…
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