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List of tools we need in HS.

Please try to include example model name, approximate price (maybe Allegro link or similar) and a short explanation why we need it.

Cordless handtools (narzędzia bezprzewodowe)

Only 18V-20V battery systems should be considered. In the best-case scenario all of those should be of the same brand/battery system. Although, in a pinch, there are adapters between different systems - both to be bought and 3d-printed. Preferably tools should be brushless. Specific models TBD

  • Small impact drill (wiertarka z udarem)
  • Small handheld drill (wiertarko-wkrętarka) x 2
  • Impact screwdriver (wkrętarka udarowa) x 2
  • Angle grinder 125mm (szlifierka kątowa) x 4
  • Palm router (frezarka do drewna / frezarka krawędziowa)
  • Palm orbital sander (szlifierka mimośrodowa)
  • Caulking gun (pistolet do silikonu / wyciskacz do kleju)
  • Straight grinder (szlifierka prosta)
  • Rivet gun (nitownica)

Of course we also need batteries for all of those :/
Brands can be grouped in the following tiers:

  • S-tier (Hilti, Fein, Festool) - superb quality/performance/longevity BUT exorbitant price and/or quite small range of tools. Still very much worth getting if the opportunity arises.
  • A-tier (Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee) - very good quality/performance, widest range, have all of the above and many other tools/models. If we're going all-in on one battery system let it be one of these
  • B-tier (blue Bosch, Metabo, Ryobi) - good performance (usually worse for Ryobi) but smaller product family. Bosch has an awfull web catalogue :( . Individual tools are still worth getting.
  • C-tier (Einhell, Parkside, Black&Decker, green Bosch, Graphite etc) - usually subpar longevity as these are hobbyist tools. Cheaper than rest.

Resin 3D printer


Wyciąg trocin/pyłu

Do zrobienia odkurzacza centralnego. TBD

Compact wire EDM


Compact waterjet

Footprint like

Hand tools (Drobne narzędzia ręczne)

Chisels (Dłuta stolarskie)
Everything Knipex has to offer :D
Cobra Pliers Wrench (86 05 180)
Cobra Pipe Wrench (87 02 180)
Knipex side cutters (TBD)
Knipex pliers (TBD)
Nożyce do blachy lewe + prawe Ścicki stolarskie

Poratble bandsaw (mała piła taśmowa)

Może być przewodowa. Głównie do zamontowania na sztorc.

Zaginarka/walcarka o rur/profili

Dril bit grinder (Ostrzałka do wierteł)

Spot welder (Spawarka punktowa)

We've got remnants of one but it'd be nice to have an actually working one. TBD

CNC Router (Frezarka 2,5D)

To cut stuff out of thick plywood, foam, plastic, possibly aluminium

Jointer - planer (Strugarka-grubościówka do drewna)

To turn any piece of firewoodwood into dimensionally usable lumber / boards. Can be two separate machines or a combo.
Main parameter here is the max width of boards to work with. 26cm seems reasonable. Super nice would be to have a spiral cutting head with carbide inserts preinstalled (it can be bought afterwards for some models though).
~8k (combo with spiral head)
~5,8k (combo with straight head)

Oscillating spindle sander (szlifierka wrzecionowa)

To sand curved wood pieces. 1k

Powder coating set + powder (zestaw do malowania proszkowego)

Justification: so we can paint things we fabricate with durable powder paint
Features: voltage regulation;
Example: ~800 PLN

Plasma cutter CNC-compatible torch

Needed to use the plasma cutter with the KUKA robot to do CNC cutting. Plasma cutter is CNC-capable already but came with a manual torch.

  • Trafimet 101/141 tip (we already have a manual torch of this type, it's better to share consumables between types)
  • 141 preferred, gets 100% duty cycle at 100A, which is the limit of our cutter
  • Euro connector
  • cable length no less than 6m

~1,7k PLN

Milling & Turning accessories

Links TODO

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