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Founder informatic
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As of 2023/11 pretty much all of currently deployed addressable RGB(W) LED strips/hardware is running on WLED firmware. These are namely:

  • Entrance LED strip ~150 WS2812 LED strip - near the entrance/doors/vending machine
  • 2 DMX RGBW LED PARs - pointing at the ceiling in main room
  • “Light bar” - retrofitted 60cm hermetic CCFL tube light fixture) with ~4*35 SK6812 RGBW hanging below main room infra rack
  • Matelight (12×10 WS2811 RGB LED string LEDs) - on top of safe in main room

Remote control

Easiest method of discovering and controlling all of WLED devices is using their Android/iOS app (which implements autodiscovery). HTTP web interface can be accessed using all usual browsers after figuring out correct IP address of a controller.

UDP packets can be used to directly transmit individual RGB pixels - see relevant WLED documentation. An example of this is informatic/wled-streamer

q3kled/LED Panel

See q3kled.


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