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Playing around with cloud stuff

  • Create a single host eucalyptus cloud
  • configure everything with ansible
  • test lib cloud with euca and open stack
  • Compare with open stack
  • open shift

Eucalyptus; what why where


  • to hack on Eucalyptus
  • since it's closest public thing to Amazon available - good for interesting tests
  • 'cos generally has been more together and better for testing than openstack (though may be changing)

What's needed

  • server with at least:
    • 4GB; preferably 16GB memory
    • min 20G disk / preferably 100G
  • good to have a second server as network control server and so on
  • a “vlan clean” network - e.g.
    • a dedicated switch
    • 1024 VLAN range
  • private address space - transparent to the network but better if it isn't used elsewhere
  • public address space - e.g. 32 addresses - can be faked

euca_cloud_0 blades 4
eucs_cloud_1 blades,5,6
vlans 3000-3999
private0 172.16.0/24  
private1 172.20.0/24
eth0 - tagged internal interface
eth1 - internet external  



hostname: address: role: stand alone for cloud 0


Scott - direction for cloud 1

not yet configured


Ford - nodes under direction of Scott

not yet configured


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