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(Po Angielsku, bo tak wygodniej / For usability purposes this site is in English, hope this isn't any issue.)

UI/gfx/usability track

New skin

  • based on: Diabook
  • proposed name: Frihaka

mind dump - features


  • ItemOpenID should be moved to separate tab, it's confusing for those who don't know what OpenID is, those who use it, will click there for sure :)
  • tips / suggestions
  • cleaner interface
  • language selection (automatic, based on User Agent String, with user override)


  • OpenID to separate tab
  • tips / suggestions
  • make 'register' more visible
  • find better place for “Lost password?”

main UI after login

  • options in one place, integrate: language, settings, help, tips, archives)
  • powered by Friendica - SVG
  • easy to set logo
  • remove “Find friends” - friend suggestions instead
  • move “Connect services” to settings
  • remove New & Shared Links
  • remove “Save” button present under posts
  • Post Photo is almost Post Text → merge them

creating posts

  • make 'Share window' more visible
  • categories below the text field, would be awesome if #hashes typed in text field appear in 'categories' automagically
  • make Preview better visible
  • “Media” should be merged into one menu
  • Geolocation should be a bar with info about current location with (“X”) to remove it
  • better visibility for publish and permissions
    • more granularit and visibility for groups and persons
    • “lock” is small, easy to miss, the purpose is not clear
    • connected services, possible services
    • set permissions, clear info about current state:
      • Public: visible to everybody
      • Limited: visible to Bob, Fred and 5 others

making friends

adding media

tagging and community wall

  • hard to find - can't tag people's post on their pages, but you can on your own wall.
  • To enter the Community Wall you have to:
    • click the 'wifi symbol' ;) on the top bar (Conversations from your friends);
    • click the Friends checkbox on the left panel (as opposed to Everyone)
    • Rysiek states that lack of tagging is caused by lack of feed update? Which should update automatically, but doesn't;

Global TODO (ui/gfx/usability)

programming/admin track

  • we gave up installing a new instance of Friendica, we were using existing one, which is available on:;
  • we've focused on existing connectors to closed (but popular) media services: Twitter and Facebook;


  • installing Facebook connector is straigh-forward, we did everything according to README, which was present in facebook addon directory in Friendica code tree;


Not working

  • (fixed) after initial 'sync' we stopped receiving updates from Facebook, as it has quickly turned out, there's a cron job needed for (not only) that - remember to enable this cron job on each Friendica instance;
  • Image sharing
    • if you post image on Friendica, there's a clickable link posted on Facebook - that's not so great but acceptable;
    • However, if you add a picture to your Friendica album, and then decide to 'share' it, on Facebook you receive a weird grey rectangle - clicking on this won't show you the image at all;
      • this may be caused by Frika's way of dealing with photo posting - AFAIK there is a different system for photos, that lets you crop the photo, input description, etc, and the code it spits out may be incompatible with Facebook.




  • NULL

Not working

We were not able to use the connector at all;

  • Enabling connector (as Administrator):
    • Settings → Admin → Plugins → Enabling Twitter (OK)
    • confirmed also via “select * from addon”, twitter enabled
  • Trying to visit settings page for this plugin: twitter results in following error:
2013/01/26 19:27:33 [error] 19804#0: *14436 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning:  file_get_contents(view/admin.tpl): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/friendica/include/text.php on line 438
PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function set_template_includes() in /var/www/friendica/addon/twitter/twitter.php on line 512" while reading response header from upstream, client: ::ffff:, server:, request: "GET /admin/plugins/twitter HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php-fpm/www-main.sock:", host: ""
  • As a result, it was not possible of course to enable / configure connector per user.


According to what viq found:

Global TODO (prog/adm)

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