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Status active
Founder q3k
Source q3k/ledvideo

Chinese 'HUB75' RGB LED Driver

q3k's project to create a Zynq-based RGB LED Matrix driver.

Video of a 128x128 panel it action at 32c3.


This project targets the MYiR ZTurn board with a custom buffer interface board (to be released). The programmable logic exposes a 65-kbyte block RAM to Linux running on the PS via a full-speed AXI slave. The logic also loads data from the BRAM, gamma corrects it and outputs it to the RGB panel interface.

Current Status

It works!


  • Vertical glitches Fixed by switching buffers to 5V
  • Low framerate Fixed by switching buffers to 5V and increasing pixel clock
  • Horizontal ghosting
  • No double buffering in hardware
  • No vsync / interrupts
  • No runtime configuration
  • Kernel framebuffer access from userspace (FBDev/DirectFB) locks up whole system
  • Gamma correction is poor, needs and actual ICC color profile correction
  • Hardcoded parameters in kernel/mpv driver


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