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Status up and running -
Founder q3k (maintenance: informatic, elia)
Source informatic/bitvend

Vending machine

A machine which exchanges coins for caffeine. Can also exchange virtual currency (SOGs) into caffeine.

Keyholders, who can help with servicing and consumed coins:

  • elia
  • nuke
  • inf

The vending barely breaks even, we don't make a profit from sales.

Web interface to use SOGs: . Acquire SOGs by talking to other members of the hackerspace.


Previously: Vega helix-based vending machine. RIP.

Previously: Vendo Vue 40. Rest in pieces.

Now: Sielaff Robimat 99


  1. re-configure shelves
  2. get wider shelves for bigger bottles
  3. finish adapting existing holders to better fit mate bottles

Coin Acceptor

MEI Cashflow 560. Does a terrible job accepting 5PLN coins. Needs programming device (MEI Route Alpha 250) to unfuck it?

MDB/USB adapter

DYI on STM32. Hardware interface design/firmware is available in project repo's usb-interface subdirectory. Lets RPi emulate a cashless device for SOG support.

VMC / Robotics controller

Stock. Use Robimator software (VB.NET) to reprogram shelf positions, etc.


From manufacturer, mirrored:

Costs & Clownfunding

Acquiring the vending cost us the following:

What How much
Vending 2500.00
Van Rental 675.27
Fuel 795.30
Parking Fee 1000.00
TOTAL 4970.80

The following superheroes sponsored the above:

Who How much
q3k 1000.00
mciancia 500.00
drozdziak1 1000.00
nuke 1000.00
viroos 65.73
hubikusek 1000.00
jaho 300.00
voltar13 105.07

Thank you for keeping us caffeinated!

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