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Status up and running (but cooling broken 2024/02/27) -
Founder q3k (maintenance: informatic, elia)
Source informatic/bitvend

Vending machine

A machine which exchanges coins for caffeine. Can also exchange virtual currency (SOGs) into caffeine.

Keyholders, who can help with servicing and consumed coins:

  • elia
  • nuke
  • inf

The vending barely breaks even, we don't make a profit from sales.

Web interface to use SOGs: . Acquire SOGs by talking to other members of the hackerspace.


Clean the heat exchange/cooling module every half a year.

If it's not working (turned off, no lights, etc.) check if it's connected to power in the WC (socket above the sink). If it is, try to disconnect and connect it.

If it's working in the test mode but doesn't in the regular sales mode, enter the menu and press C+E multiple times.


Previously: Vega helix-based vending machine. RIP.

Previously: Vendo Vue 40. Rest in pieces.

Now: Sielaff Robimat 99


  1. re-configure shelves
  2. get wider shelves for bigger bottles
  3. finish adapting existing holders to better fit mate bottles

Coin Acceptor

MEI Cashflow 560. Does a terrible job accepting 5PLN coins. Needs programming device (MEI Route Alpha 250) to unfuck it?

MDB/USB adapter

DYI on STM32. Hardware interface design/firmware is available in project repo's usb-interface subdirectory. Lets RPi emulate a cashless device for SOG support.

VMC / Robotics controller

Stock. Use Robimator software (VB.NET) to reprogram shelf positions, etc.


From manufacturer, mirrored:

Costs & Clownfunding

Acquiring the vending cost us the following:

What How much
Vending 2500.00
Van Rental 675.27
Fuel 795.30
Parking Fee 1000.00
TOTAL 4970.80

The following superheroes sponsored the above:

Who How much
q3k 1000.00
mciancia 500.00
drozdziak1 1000.00
nuke 1000.00
viroos 65.73
hubikusek 1000.00
jaho 300.00
voltar13 105.07

Thank you for keeping us caffeinated!

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