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Polska wersja dostępna tutaj: covid-19

Free face shields for hospitals and clinics!

New shield old shield
New shield back view
lot (25 piece)

We're working on medium-scale (5000pcs+/day, currently at ~1000pcs/day) manufacturing of face shields made out of a two-piece PET cutout and rubber bands.

We are giving them away for free to hospitals and clinics.

The face shield is quite comfortable and sits well on top of the head. It is not the best face shield in the world, but in a few days we should be able ramp up production to a few thousand pieces per day and send them out for free over all of Poland.

We do NOT have any relevant certifications nor guarantee the product to be sterile. Before and after use it is necessary to disinfect the face shield. (e.g. with ethyl alcohol or isopropanol 70%). Usage is at your own risk.

Do you represent a hospital or a clinic that needs face shields? Fill out the form at or write us at

How to assemble the face shield?

We have published a pictographic instruction and short instructional video on putting the face shield together.

The instructions pertain to version v24 and v28 of the face shield (manufactured and shipped within March 25-28 2020).

Can I donate money to you?

If you're a health care provider (hospital, etc.) - DO NOT send us money. WE will help YOU. Fill out the form at or write to outlining what you need and how much of it.

We're funding the manufacturing using donations and private fundraising - this includes voluntary work.

If you want to help fund the effort, here is our information:

  • IBAN (EUR): PL 21 1950 0001 2006 0006 4889 0003
  • Subject: darowizna - covid19

Account in PLN and more information (Polish)

So far we have spent about 4100 on the project.

We are not running any kind of sale. As we manufacture, we will fully donate the result to people in need.

We are looking for base materials. Can you source PET or PETG foil (at least 0.5mm thick)? If so, please contact us ASAP:

Face shield model download

All files are available for download under a CC-BY-NC 4.0 license. In short: you can use this, modify it, publish it but you must keep authorship information (Konrad Klepacki, Mariusz Dyrda, Warsaw Hackerspace) and you cannot use the project for commercial purposes. According to our interpretation it means you cannot profit from the sale of the face shields, but we are not lawyers.

version v24 - 2020 March 26

  • faceshield-v24-full contains a set of traces to cut out one face shield with headband
  • faceshield-v24 and faceshield-v24-strap are like full, but split into separate face shield and headband
  • faceshield-v24-production are templates we have sent to local manufacturer of stencils.. WARNING: the stencil machine files have errors in them. We're sharing file for laser cutting belts that fit faceshields cut with the v24 project:
  • if you want to cut it on K40 laser - we recommend using faceshield-v24-full for format 30×40 cm

version v28 - BETA - 2020 March 26

  • added optional hooks for a cap or a hood
  • design for manufacture improvements

HSWAW shield compatible with face shield Prusa RC2

About the project

Why aren't you using 3D print? Time to create one hook for the Prusa project is 2-3h. For comparison, time to cut a single HS-WAW face shield on laser cutter is 3 minutes. And on stencil machine- about 6 seconds. Thanks to that with just couple people working at a time we have the capability to deliver 10000 face shields to hospitals.

I have a 3D printer and I want to help! Excellent! We'll also be cutting face shields for Prusa hooks, so we'll gladly accept any amount of the hooks and pair them with the face shields that we can cut out, and we'll send them to hospitals. Send us a mail to:

What material are you using? We're using PET and PETG 0.5mm-0.6mm foil. A little bit thinner or thicker should serve as well.

Who is the creator of the face shield model? Our project is based on excellent project by Konrad Klepacki and Mateusz Dyrda from tuBAZA. We have modified it with our improvements, done by radex, woju, and many others.


What is needed?

We have a stencil machine. We have volunteer workers. We have personal protection equipment (thanks to our donors!)

We need:

  • PET-G foil 0.5mm (or thicker) in bale/roll or perhaps in sheets
    • Material: preferably PETG, will do with PET or PETR.
    • Bale/roll if possible up to 100kg so they're portable by two people
    • Width of the bale/roll: absolute minimum 260mm, also accepted 300, 530, 600, 400, 800.
  • laser cutter with bigger work area for iterative prototyping
    • size at least 600 x 800 mm (we have 380×290 mm - a larger area is needed due to size of face shield and face pieces for professional respirator masks, such as used by rescue workers).
    • Best to rent and move temporarily to our place - it will save us a lot of time because we have a local stencil manufacturer for stencil machine.

What we can do?

  • laser cut flat parts
  • cast volume parts in resin
  • print with 3D printers (additive filament-based fused deposition, so mostly prototypes - we potentially have access to more 'production' oriented printers in companies)
  • cut with stencil machine thin, previously tried stock (e.g. PET(G))
  • cut plastic from bale to sheets (also other flat stock)
  • we have an injection moulding machine for plastic, but so far (2020 March 22) we do not know if it works. If it's fixed, it would allow us much faster serial manufacturing of plastics compared to 3D printing.

Projekt of medical medical equipment

Collection of projects available on the Internet. What is missing?

Example of medical face shield

Face shields

Protective masks (FFP2 equivalent)

Mask adapter for respirators


  • Majority of the coordination is happening in the private channel #hackerspace-pl-members.
  • Thread on waw (watch out for antivac crazies)


Thanks & props to

  • Apaczka - for free heavy non-standard sized parcels with materials
  • GTX Hanex Plastic - for face shield materials
  • TEMPLARS GEAR - for help with cutting bigger elements
  • Nozbe - for financial support
  • - for parcels for hospitals
  • woju's parents: pizza, juices and jar of pickles ❤️

and all the donators - huge thanks!

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