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Soldering workshop

What are we building ?

Previously (20110623) we discussed this and came to the conclusion that building a one-sided through-hole mount Arduino-compatible Severino would be a good first-time project.

The second option is to build an Arduino-compatible Nanode device -

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Real name
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Company Price per PCB ~25 PLN


  • Poboczna, ale potencjalnie istotna uwaga: pojemnik do wytrawiania, ten szklany pionowy, zrobił się nieszczelny, chyba w transporcie. Z jednej strony bok przecieka. Jeśli ma być używany, warto go wcześniej uszczelnić silikonem akwarystycznym.


Lista części na jedno urządzenie.


Typ Ilość TME link Cena
4UCon 19154 Magjack 1 Datasheet not available unknown
ENC28J60 -I/SP 28 Pin DIL 1 clickity 09.45 PLN
ATMega168P or 328P 1 clickity or clickity 15.90 PLN or 19.90 PLN
11AA02E48T-I/TT (EEPROM do Eth) 1 TME 1.25 PLN
MCP1702 3V3 regulator TO92 pack 1 brak w TME nieznana
74HC125 quad tristate buffer 1 TME 0.693 PLN
1N4002 1 0.13 PLN
3mm LED 1 available in HS ? 0 PLN
3V6 Zener 2 TME 0.26 PLN
16MHz HC49-4 crystal 1 TME 2.49 PLN or 1.99 PLN (>5)
25MHz HC49-4 crystal 1 TME 2.49 PLN or 1.49 PLN (>5)
22pF ceramic capacitors 4 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
100nF 50V ceramic capacitors 7 TME 0.039 PLN (>100)
10nF ceramic capacitors 2 TME 0.0471 PLN (>100)
10uF 16V electrolytic capacitors 3 TME 0.19 PLN
7805 5V regulator TO220 1 TME 0.653 PLN
1R resistor 1 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
10R resistor 1 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
51ohm 1% resistors 4 TME 0.049 PLN (>100)
68 ohm resistors 2 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
270 ohm resistors 3 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
1K5 Resistor 1 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
2K 1% resistors 1 TME 0.049 PLN (>100)
10K resistors 3 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
1M resistors 1 TME 0.029 PLN (>100)
tactile switch - vertical 1 n/a n/a
8 way 0.1“ SIL Sockets 2 available in HS ? 0 PLN
6 way 0.1” SIL Sockets 2 available in HS ? 0 PLN
6 way 0.1“ right angle header 1 available in HS ? 0 PLN
32 pin 0.1” header strips 1 available in HS ? 0 PLN
28 way DIL sockets (tube 17) 2 TME 0.515 PLN
14 way DIL socket (tube 34) 1 TME 0.311 PLN
4 way screw terminal block 1 available in HS ? 0 PLN
USB B connector 1 TME 2.49 PLN
Pink antistatic zip bag 102 x 156 mm 1 not required 0 PLN
50mm x 50mm conductive foam 1 not required 0 PLN

Gniazdka ethernet:

Typ Czy pasuje ? Co nie pasuje ? Datasheet
MIC24011-0101T NIE inny pinout
LMJ1598824110DT39 NIE inny pinout
LMJ2018811100DT4 TAK brak LEDów lmj201881x100dt4.pdf
LMJ2018814100DT1 NIE inny pinout
LMJ31988143T0M nieznane brak datasheeta
LMJ1718812S3L3T1 NIE inne położenie otworów
LMJ2018813130DL3T1LFG NIE inny pinout LED
LMJ1998821130DL1TOHLFG NIE inny pinout
LMJ1998823130DL1TOJ NIE inny pinout
LMJ3628841TA753 NIE inny pinout
LMJ3628844TA753 NIE inny pinout
LMJ1998824110DL1T39J NIE inny pinout
LMJ2018811100DL1T4 NIE inny pinout
LMJ2018811130DL1T4 prawie pinout OK, piny LED po drugiej stronie
LMJ34788114NWGY prawie pinout OK, piny LED po drugiej stronie

Total parts price: 50 PLN


Where ? When ?

The workshop planned for 2011-07-16 weekend has been *SUSPENDED* due to a much more urgent task - the adaptation of our new (and hopefuly final) space at ITR - itr-adaptacja. The workshop will take place at a future date.

If we don't have a proper space where we can gather and hack we were offered the lab at Pulawska 39, which we can use after 2011-07-11. Our host at Pulawska 39 prefers late evenings on the weekday or weekends.

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Real name

People interested

During the meeting we calculated that there are approx. 9 people interested so we should have parts for at least 13 kits. Please add yourself to the list if you are interested in building and taking home your first simple Arduino.

Why is this page in English ?

This page is in English because English is better than esperanto ;). Actually, at the meeting we had foreign guests from the Bitcoin consultancy who were also interested in taking part in our workshop.

Needed stuff

Soldering irons

We need one soldering iron per person.

Person How many ? Notes
enki 2
viroos 1
jaroslav 1
czegoszukasz 1
xirdal 1
fixxer 1
ursereg 2
lquawl 1


We need 13 complete sets of parts giving us some spares. q3k had a list of parts needed for one kit, qdot commited to actually order the parts from TME. Obviously we must buy a sheet of plain PCB. We need the surface of the device to calculate how much this we need. Also we will need some etching agent and plastic containers to make the bath. A bottle of solvent is required to wash away the toner after the etching is done.

Person What can you bring ? How much ? Notes
enki Solder 2 rolls
czegoszukasz Solder 1 roll
xirdal Solder 1 roll
jaroslav Solder 1 roll
enki Solder paste 1 box Should be enough for 2-3 people
czegoszukasz Solder paste 1 box
enki Plastic bath 1
enki Etching agent 1 jar Very old, don't know if it's still active


We will need a laser printer (q3k said he has one that works well), a couple of drills/dremels to make holes in the PCB, a small saw (or dremel) and a vice to cut the PCB. It would be good to have some sort of thick carboard or thin wood to protect the tables which we will be working on from damage (drilling, soldering).

Person What can you bring ? How many ? Notes
enki Wooden protect board 1
marcin Protective board + clamps 1
enki Vice 1 In W30
marcin Vice 1
enki Small saw 1
marcin Dremel 1


We will need power 5V power supplies to power the thing. PC ATX, AT or wall-plug regulated power supplies will be OK. Also, we could use some USB↔RS232 converters if the boards will not have FT232 present on them. Multimeters will be needed.

Person What can you bring ? How many ? Notes
enki Multimeter 2 + 1 There should be two at the W30 + my home multimeter
enki Solder sucker 1
viroos Solder sucker 1
lquawl Solder sucker 1
viroos 3rd hand 1
enki 3rd hand 1
czegoszukasz 3rd hand 1
enki 5V wall-plugged PS 1
enki ATX PS 1 Can be used by at least 4 people at once
marcin ATX PS 1
q3k Oscilloscope 1 RIGOL DS1052e
q3k 3rd hand 1
q3k Multimeter 1 No-name brand.
jaroslav Multimeter 1 No-name brand (very lame but working).
q3k Solder wick spool 1
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