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FACHOWIEC® Welder's Fantasy® JET TIG II AC/DC 200-S

Basic setup

This is setup that is frequently used and consumables should be stocked in relatively high quantities.

Torch: SR-26
Electrodes: 2% Lanthanated 1.6 mm (WL20 blue), 1.5% Lanthanated 2,4 mm (WL15 gold)
Filler rod: W4Si1/ER70S-6/12.64 1.6 mm - basic copper coated rod for carbon steel
Torch cups: 54N14 / 54N16 + 1.6 mm SR17 gas lenses
Argon gas: main 40L argon gas cylinder + 8L reserve / portable tank

⊕ and ⊖ labels for welding cable connectors on the front panel refer to polarity for MMA (+ for stick, - for ground). For TIG welding they're swapped, so the ground cable stays in the same connector. If you keep ground in ⊖, then “DC-” and “DC+” modes work correctly, otherwise they're swapped. Same goes for AC stuff, duty cycle will be inverted if you plug ground to ⊕.

Extended setup

Good to have same of those in stock.

Longer cups for detailed work such as 54N14L.
Parts for welding with 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.4 electrodes in SR17 without gas lenses.
CuSi3 rods for TIG brazing

In stock

Gold 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.4 electrodes (do not buy - replaced by blue WL20 2% Lanthanated)
10 x 308LSi 1.6 mm TIG rod for welding stainless steel
10 x AlMg5 1.6 mm TIG rod for welding aluminum
10 x CuSi3 2.0 mm TIG rod for TIG brazing

Where to buy

sklepspawacza - cheap consumables on allegro
Gases: Ask pl0myk for help, he onows what to do. Norgaz - argon gas, costs about 155PLN / 40L gas cylinder (+30PLN shipment), They accept bank transfers Other options: any other gas dealer.



Do you want to know more about our TIG setup? Do you have any suggestions? Do you want to learn TIG basics? Contact vuko he will be happy to help.


It's a good idea to know the basics before you start welding (see the people above), but here's some general tips:

  • Make sure the welder is set to TIG, not MMA when you start welding
  • Wear long-sleeved clothes when welding, otherwise you might get an unpleasant sunburn. There's lab coats in the workshop you can use.
  • Don't weld galvanized steel (blacha ocynkowana)! The fumes are toxic and doesn't produce good welds. If you really need to you can file the zinc coating off. Leave at least 1cm between the weld and any of the coating.
  • If the weld comes out dirty and splattery, make sure the valve for the argon gas cylinder is open. The regulator should show about 6 l/min when the torch “trigger” is pressed
  • 90 Amps is a good starting setting for welding - if you don't know what current you need for your project, you can start with that and adjust based on results.
  • As a rule of thumb, the electrode should be sticking out from the ceramic cup by about half of the diameter of the cup's opening.
  • While welding, keep the electrode as close to the material as you can without dipping it into the puddle. 3mm distance is alright.
  • If you just finished welding a part it might still be very hot even if it's not glowing anymore. If you touch it with your bare hand you might burn yourself


Some of the pages are sometimes hard to find, here's some relevant keywords: spawanie, spawarka, welder, argon

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