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Status build in progress
Founder czechu

SpoolVault filament dryer

Work in progress

Large 3D printing filament dryer and storage box, with over the top design specs:

  • Max drying temperature above 100°C 🔥
  • Air-tight construction (not while drying)
  • Ability to hold 4×1kg or 6×700g spools and fit 1×5kg


Hot surface. Hot contents. Ensure continuous ventilation.


We will develop filament settings after calibrating the heat. Check filament manufacturer recommendations before drying. Here is a list of approximate values sourced from resources linked below.

Material Drying (°C) Duration (h) Printing (°C)
ABS 60-85 3-4 -
ASA 60-80 2-4 -
HIPS 60-80 2-3 -
PA (Nylon) 70-90 4-12 60
PETG 55-65 3-8 -
PLA 40-50 4-6 -
  • Drying temperature can vary. It's a generic safe value.
  • Duration: The best method is to observe spool weight. After some time drying stops being effective.
  • Printing temp: Educated guess. More research needed. Filament will probably cool in the tube between dryer and a 3D printer, but high temperature will prevent it from absorbing moisture while printing.

About overheating and over-drying

Filament can form cracks if dryed too rapidly. If a spool absorbed a lot of water, start with lower temperature and longer drying time. The best approach is to take regular weight measurements while drying.

Over-drying can result in filament degrading and becoming brittle. Don't exceed manufacturer recommended drying time. It's better to have some moisture then an aged spool.


Useful generic information about polymers:

Theoretical glass-transition temperature doesn't look relevant for engineering materials.

Most dryers don't go higher then 70°C. Resources:

There are industrial dryers that heat up to 150°C:

Filament manufacturers recommendations:


Warning! Do not attempt to replicate this without experience with handling electricity. This is not an Arduino project. Working with AC current can kill or maim you.


  • ✔️ Ammunition Box 47x21x37cm (NATO size 3)
  • ✔️ PTC heater 220V 400W 120x50mm
  • 🚚 Thermostat (REX-C100)
  • ✔️ High temperature fan (from convection oven)
  • ✔️ Steel threaded rivets M10 ≥6pcs.
  • ✔️ PTFE tubing & couplers
  • ✔️ Alarm light and buzzer
  • ✔️ AC IEC socket with power switch and fuse (AC-01-2)
  • ✔️ Wire crimper and supplies


Goal is to have a basic version for a price of a cheapest commercial dual-spool drybox. At the time of writing Creality Space Pi can be found on Aliexpress for 366zł.

I was able to get surplus ammunition boxes for 100zł (~$25). I'm not sure what the best heating solution is yet. PTC heater with automatic shutoff at 150°C and with higher power then other commercial dryers have seems safe. Safer then disassembling a hair dryer. It might be under-powered, we will see. It was cheap, at 52zł. I chose REX-C100 for a PID temperature controller. It's extremely widely used, and it makes it very cheap. 48zł including SRR with radiator and a K thermocouple. Fused IEC socket with rocker switch costs 10zł. I also added optional 2x 220V signal diodes, 7zł. Threaded rivets will make installing ports for printing directly from the box very easy. I got both M4 and M10 from Aliexpress for ~30zł. Convection oven fan with motor is will costs 75zł new, ~50zł used. I opted for a new one named C460002A9. Plus speed controller for 8zł. Lastly, alarm light/buzzer for 6zł.

Spent so far: 346zł.

How to search for parts

Researching products designed for convection ovens (termoobieg) and DIY meat smoking (wędzarnia) helped. There are no unsolved issues here, just a lot of integration.


  • 2024-03-06 - project started, initial purchase - box i.d. 43.5×37×18.5cm
  • 2024-03-09 - box has been delivered

Ideas for improvements

  • Glass visor
  • Alternative gasket material
  • Painting inside with heat-resistant paint (white 800°C paint)
  • Flament rotation motor (oven roast motor? microwave oven turntable?)
  • Humidity sensor (needs to be temperature resistant)
  • “IoT” reporting and control
  • Load cell for spools
  • Klipper/printer integration
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