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oglądałem kiedyś jackass i wiem, że nie skończy się to dobrze
~Rev`, 2019/04/15

What is it?

A motorized shopping cart/trolley. Based on Hoverboard BLDC hub motors and controllers flashed with hoverboard-firmware-hack.

Does it work?

Yeah, kind of. Currently it only has two BLDC hub motors on the front of the trolley. Someone should try moving them to the back (for better steering), or mounting all four of them and cabling them (mounting brackets are machined and ready). With four wheels attached, the cart really doesn't want to turn, so it might require sanding down threads on some of the wheel to make them perma-drift.

You can ride in it but please wear a safety helmet. You can and will damage yourself and property when the thing gets out of control (it will). You've been warned. When in doubt, don't ride it.

There's some night-time footage of test rides.

How does it work?

There's currently one hoverboard controller driving two wheels. The rack chassis mounted underneath the basket has two controllers and two batteries, but one is unused. They can be removed when/if we decide that having two wheels is enough.

There's a joystick with custom firmware running on it to send UART commands to the controller. This should be replaced with a real control bus (CAN?) for safety. We can then also add a speedometer, battery and fault indicators, etc.

Can I hack it?

Yes, please do. Ping q3k if you need assistance. Currently, cabling for one of the hall sensor harnesses (right now unused) is wrong and needs to be fixed if you want to use more than two wheels.

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