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Cormak Band Saw is the big ass Band saw we've got in the back of the workshop. It is made to cut steel, aluminium, or other stuff that fits the jaws.

Technical Specs

  • Model: Cormak HBS275
  • Engine: 400V, three-phase, 1.5/1.1KW, 2/4 Pole
  • Band Saw size: 2450x27x0.9 mm
  • Band saw cutting Speed: 75 / 37.5 m/min


Make sure that you tension the blade saw before you start cutting, otherwise you risk breaking the blade saw. Follow the first green mark when doing it.

Use the automatic lowering of the cutting blade, the band saw will turn off automatically once it reaches the bottom.

After cutting, loosen the tension on the blade saw so it doesn't permanently deform.

Replacing the blade

Spare blades should be underneath the band saw, near the plasma cutter (device with green front). At the time of writing, there were two with orange blade covers. Consult the blade selection chart when choosing what to mount.

Make sure the power is turned off. On the back of the bandsaw, there are 4 hand screws that are holding the cover of the blade, make sure the tension is fully removed and proceed to removing the cover. Once you're there, make sure you're wearing hand gloves, otherwise you might cut or pinch yourself.

To remove the blade, you will need to remove the silver brush at the bottom that is keeping the cutting dust from coming in. Once you remove it, try to remove the blade.

Repeat same process for mounting the blade in reverse, although this part is actually harder than it seems. It sometimes helps lowering the cutting blade to the lowest position to keep it from slipping out of the guides when you try to mount it.

Recognizing dull blade

If the blade is dull, it will start sliding off when cutting, making the cuts really bad and generally deeming the band saw useless. For your convenience, here are the close up photos showing a dull blade and a sharp new one.

Dull Sharp


Provided as PDF file here: Schematics HBS275

Replacement Parts

Contact Cormak Service support on /

For blades, you can use Allegro to find the blade size fitting the cutter.

Known spare parts cost

  • E-2/F-2 - Carbide guides - 100 zł / one piece
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