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See the application (alpha/beta/gamma) at the Nest of Worlds testsite!

Please note that the app currently works in FF 4.0 ONLY

Feedback welcome at

Project summary

Life is music. We will give voice to the game of life and make composers the true Creators of Worlds.

The plan is to:

  1. Set up the wrapped hex gamefield, similarily to hex life
  2. Assign each hex field a voice – in a static or dynamic manner.
  3. Make morphing cell colonies sing – generation by generation – the fugue of life.
  4. Pack it up as a simple to use, open source editor/wizard/player – the Nest of Worlds.
  5. Back it up with a website to share worlds, experiences and various versions of the tool.

Let everyone create and share their own singing worlds.

Deliverables for #swwaw

By Sunday afternoon you will all be able to build simple worlds, shaping new colonies of cells, save them on the server and share others' creations.

What we need

Stricty speaking, the monetisation model is beyond the scope of the project as defined here. The business model is hardware-related, and we really need to discuss it with some knowledgeable people.


  • Anonymous – Coding, musical consultancy
  • Iga Grzegrzółka – Research, business intelligence, modelling
  • Maciej „Viroos” Sawicki – coding, business intelligence
  • Tomasz „Q-dot” Młoduchowski – coding, business development, production management
  • Piotr „Petros Polonos” Skulski – daydreaming, presentations, chutzpah
  • Members of – moral support etc.
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