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We're having some game development workshops during the weekends.

They start on sundays at 9 AM, and last to the last man standing (usually 1 PM)

The general purpose of this is to learn the workflow and teamwork that's typical to game development, and empower people to create or participate in making games!

Also, its purpose is to cross-link people with various skills in game development to build teams for indie projects.

We're using Unity with C#, MagicaVoxel and Blender. If you know and/or prefer other engines, like Unreal, and want to drop by - by all means do! If you can import fbx format into your engine, including armature and animations, you should be able to work with the assets fairly easily :)

spin tries to moderate the workshops, buy you are encouraged to be a self-sufficient, grown-up, repsonsible, and appropriately crazy participant :)

Unity supports Oculus Rift, and once we get some nice playable content I may try to organize a workstation and one or two Oculus Rift glasses (gen1 and gen2); there is a hackerspace member that owns these, and I may try to ask him about availability of these for the workshops.


2015-04-19 - 1st workshops - FIXME

2015-04-24 - 2nd workshops - updated (oops, erroneous date lol)

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